Study of Monet's "Bouquet of Mallows" by Mary Ellis LaGarde

Study of Monet’s “Bouquet of Mallows”
Oil on Canvas
18″ x 24″

Mary visited Monet’s house, gardens, and studio in Giverny, France several years ago.  She decided to study the techniques used in one of the most famous French Impressionist paintings by Monet.
It also happened to be one of the last paintings Monet sold.  “Bouquet of Mallows” also known as “Vase of Flowers” can be seen in photos of Monet’s house.  He painted it in 1881-82 but did not sign and sell it until 1920.  It now hangs in the Courtauld Institute Galleries near London.  Unlike Mary’s Renaissance-style portraits that often take 6 months to a year to complete, she was able to paint this painting in three days.  Here are pictures of the final product and the process she followed to learn Monet’s technique.




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