Chemist Discovers World’s Newest Shade of Blue Pigment

Chemist Mas Subramanian and his team of assistants at Oregon State University stumbled upon a new vivid share of blue pigment that is resistant to fading.  The pigment is being marketed to artists by Shepherd Color Company.

The pigment is composed primarily of Yttrium, Indium and Manganese, hence the name “YlnMn Blue”.   For a picture of the new pigment, click >>here<<.

It’s similar but a little more vibrant than the formula I put together to capture the winter sky in Colorado in some of my recent paintings including this one:

"The Hunters of Artemis" by Mary Ellis LaGarde oil on canvas 60" X 36"
“The Hunters of Artemis” by Mary Ellis LaGarde
oil on canvas
60″ X 36″